“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”
– Dr. Seuss

It’s truly mind blowing how fast time flies when you’re changing diapers. Even before the baby was born I was already saying things like:

“I can’t wait until she can…”

“I can’t wait until we can take her to…”

“I can’t wait until she’s old enough to…”

“I can’t wait until we’ll all be able to…”

Since she’s been born I’ve said:

“I can’t wait until she can support her own head.”

“I can’t wait until she can sleep in her crib.”

“I can’t wait until we can give her real baths.”

“I can’t wait until we can give her a bottle.”

“I can’t wait until her first words.”

“I can’t wait until she can crawl.”

The truth is I can wait, I should wait, and I should enjoy all of the waiting. Don’t get me wrong, when all of the things mentioned above do happen, I’m sure I’ll be overcome with joy and be amazed at how she’s developing – as well as continue to fill my Instagram feed along the way, and blog if there’s time. As the weeks go by there is seemingly less and less time in each day. All the more reason to slow down, appreciate my little one for who she is now, and embrace each and every moment. What is it the yogi community says all the time – be present? Yeah I need to do more of that, because time is flying by and I can’t waste this time thinking about how great the future will be, or I’ll miss how great right now is.

It’s already been just about six weeks since she was born (holy crap!) and I’ve been back to work for almost two weeks. Oh where does the time go?!?! My baby no longer fits into newborn diapers, the majority of the hundreds of hats we were given, or most of her newborn clothes. The first time I tried to put a set of her pj’s on and realized she was too long for them my heart ached. She’s more awake each day. She’s more alert to her surroundings. She can take real baths now instead of just sponge baths. She can use bottles now instead of being glued to Mommy all day. She can (and does quite often) grip my beard hair and tug with the strength of ten toddlers. She knows how to fake cry in order to guilt one of us into cuddling her, because she despises being by herself. She weighs just over ten pounds and farts like a grown man – I haven’t taught her to call ‘safety’ yet, but I will, in due time. Again, I’m not trying to rush things. She’s basically a teenager already at this point though.

Going to keep this on the shorter side, because again there are only so many minutes in each day, and I can’t spend all of them online. There’s also Netflix, Hulu, and so many other things that I need to be present for! There haven’t been too many quintessential upstate New York things that we’ve done this summer, but that’s because when it hasn’t been a billion friggin’ degrees out it’s been monsoon season. We have gone to a handful of friends’ houses, a few restaurants, and brunch. I don’t care if we had ten babies, I’d still make the trip to Café Madison. I’m looking forward to the fall weather, and all that upstate has to offer during the best season of all time, but I’m in no rush to get there. I’m completely fulfilled spending my days inside, sheltered from the heat, binge watching television with my ladies. I’m enjoying each and every moment before they become memories.

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